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Life at Thorntons

Every weekday morning I stop at Thorntons, a local gas station/convenience store, to get a Diet Coke and the occasional pack of Extra Polar Ice gum.

There’s this crusty old lady who works there and fascinates me.  She’s in her own world, working her own game-plan.  For example she’ll ignore the fact that there are no 44 oz. cups while adding another sleeve of 32 ouncers to an already full dispenser.  Or she’ll cram another box of straws into an already over-stuffed straw holder when there isn’t a clean napkin in sight.  The best is when she cluelessly gabs with the regulars while one girl has a line at her register stretching out the door and half-way to the street corner.

So.  Today, she’s at a register, with the “closed” sign on the counter, watching the line I’m at the head of.  She’s chewing on something.  We make eye contact, but she says nothing.  She just chews and watches, like a lazy house cat.  Just as the customer in front of me is wrapping up, the old lady says next and I walk up to her register and put my Diet Coke on the counter…and wait while she picks a handful of coconuts out of a pile of trail mix that she’s poured out on the counter.  Nice.

While I wait and watch – as she pops a handful of coconut into her mouth – two people pay for their stuff in the next line and leave while I try not to have an aneurism.

Is it any wonder that this same store has been out of Extra Polar Ice gum for two months?  TWO MONTHS!


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